Booking Policies

General Service Policy:  If the time and date you want is not available, please email me as I can recommend other excellent henna artists.

Reservation Policy:  We ask for a 30% deposit for all appointments to hold the date for you. The deposit is refundable if you cancel one week or more in advance of the confirmed date; if you reschedule the event for a date within three months of the original date, the deposit is transferable.

Travel Policy:  If you live within the limit of the NYC subway system (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens) there is no charge for travel time or costs; if you live outside the NYC area, I charge $75/hour for travel time plus travel costs. Please ask if your area requires a travel fee.

Lateness Policy:  Billing starts at the begin time of the appointment. There is a 15 minute grace period if you are late for the scheduled appointment; for half hour appointments the grace period is 10 minutes. If I do not hear from you within 15 minutes of the scheduled start of your appointment it will be considered a no-show. Just keep me posted and we can avoid all that unpleasantness!  Please let me know in advance if you might want me to work longer than the scheduled time; I will be glad to accommodate you if I have room in my schedule.  If I am late because of transportation problems I will make up the time free of charge.

Quality: The color and longevity of your henna stain depends a LOT on aftercare. Once we part ways the aftercare is in your hands and will determine how the henna turns out. We will talk about aftercare in person and I will also give you written instructions. You can text me once you are home in case you have any questions. Remember, henna takes best (it stains darkest and lasts the longest) on the hands and feet. When henna is done on the arms, legs or torso it doesn't stain as well or last as long as on the hands and feet; the aftercare instructions are even more important in this case so that you can get a good stain. You should expect a lighter stain (on legs, arms and torso) that lasts about a week.

Aftercare instructions: Once the henna paste is applied it needs about a half hour to dry, but needs to stay on for a total of 6-12 hours (hands and feet need 6 hours, the rest of the body 8-12 hours).  After the waiting time has passed, scrape off the dried paste, and for the next 6-12 hours you must keep water off the hennaed skin for the stain to fully take on your skin.  Upon removal of the paste you will see a bright orange stain which will gradually darken over the next 24-48 hours, turning a deep, rich reddish-brown color (don't freak out if it's light at first).  The stain can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks; it will last longer on the palms of your hands and your feet because the skin is thicker.  The stain fades gradually as your skin exfoliates; if you want the stain to last avoid using anything on the skin that will exfoliate it and use gloves when doing dishes or housework...or better yet, use your henna as an excuse to avoid cleaning!